Numeric group separators and Bidi

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Mon Jul 15 13:03:44 CDT 2019

Philippe Verdy wrote:
> [... U+202F ...] and not even accessible in most input tools...
> including the Windows "Charmap" where it is not even listed with other
> spaces or punctuations, except if we display the FULL list of
> characters supported by a selected font that maps it (many fonts don't
> map it) and the "Unicode" encoding. Windows charmap is so outdated
> (and has many inconsistancies in its proposed grouping, look for
> example at the groups proposed for Greek, they are complete non-sense,
> with duplicate subranges, but groups made completely arbitrarily,
> making this basic tool really difficult to use).
BabelMap ( is free of
charge, is easy to use, runs on all versions of Windows since 2000,
provides much better support for almost all Character Map functions than
Character Map, and has tons of additional useful features which can be
easily ignored if not needed.
The only possible reason for a knowledgeable, let alone
Unicode-knowledgeable, Windows user to use the built-in Character Map
utility instead of BabelMap would be to look up and pick from legacy
character sets (which I think is what Philippe is referring to as
"proposed groupings").
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