Numeric group separators and Bidi

Egmont Koblinger via Unicode unicode at
Wed Jul 10 02:57:35 CDT 2019

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 1:21 AM Philippe Verdy via Unicode
<unicode at> wrote:
>> Well my first feeling was that U+202F should work all the time, but I found cases where this is not always the case. So this must be bugs in those renderers.
> I think we can attribute these bugs

What bugs?

I asked for an example, you haven't provided, yet you blame others
without even considering that you might be doing or expecting
something wrong. So I'm asking again. Please show us an example along
the lines of: "I'm using the FooBar software, version 1.2.3, this and
that particular field. I enter a data, the hexdump of that data is
included here. I expect it to render as 123, instead it renders as

I don't find it a nice attitude to blame others without having a
thorough understanding of the situation, without having firm reasons
to suspect the problem elsewhere rather than in your expectations.

And if a renderer is incorrect (which is not impossible, but maybe a
bit early to claim), you just have to ditch it and replace with a
correct one. Or, well, maybe your goal is to locate a set of faulty
renderers, locate and understand their exact bugs, and find a
workaround, i.e. a Unicode representation of numbers in RTL context
with narrow spaces which is immune to those bugs? Not sure if any of
us here are eager to help with that, I'm not, sorry. Not sure if it's
possible at all (if there are really such bugs), probably not, given
your further constraints such as not using BiDi control chars.


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