Ancient Greek apostrophe marking elision

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Well, *my* desire it to simple know whether to tell people doing digital
editions of Ancient Greek texts whether to use U+2019 or U+02BC for the
apostrophe marking elision (or at least accurately describe the trade-offs
of each).

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> Perhaps I'm not understanding, but if the desired behavior is to
> prohibit both line and word breaks in the example string, then...
> In Notepad, replacing U+0020 with U+00A0 removes the line-break.
> U+0020 ( δ’ αρχαια )
> U+00A0 ( δ’ αρχαια )
> U+202F ( δ’ αρχαια )
> It also changes the advancement of the text cursor (Ctrl + arrows),
> suggesting that word/string selection would be as desired.  (U+202F also
> does this and may offer a more pleasing appearance to classisists by
> default.)
> Wouldn't it be best to handle substitution of U+00A0 for U+0020 at the
> input method / keyboard driver level where appropriate, so that
> preferred apostrophe U+2019 can be used?

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