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On 1/24/2019 11:14 PM, Tex wrote:
> I am surprised at the length of this debate, especially since the 
> arguments are repetitive…
> That said:
> Twitter was offered as an example, not the only example just one of 
> the most ubiquitous. Many messaging apps and other apps would benefit 
> from italics. The argument is not based on adding italics to twitter.
> Most apps today have security protections that filter or translate 
> problematic characters. If the proposal would cause “normalization” 
> problems, adding the proposed characters to the filter lists or 
> substitution lists would not be a big burden.
> The biggest burden would be to the apps that would benefit, to add 
> italicizing and editing capabilities.
The "normalization" is when you import to rich text, you don't want 
competing formatting instructions. Getting styled character codes 
normalized to styling of character runs is the most difficult, that's 
why the abuse of math italics really is abuse in terms of interoperability.

Other schemes, like a VS per code point, also suffer from being 
different in philosophy from "standard" rich text approaches. Best would 
be as standard extension to all the messaging systems (e.g. a common 
markdown language, supported by UI).


> tex
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> On 1/24/2019 9:44 PM, Garth Wallace via Unicode wrote:
>     But the root problem isn't the kludge, it's the lack of
>     functionality in these systems: if Twitter etc. simply implemented
>     some styling on their own, the whole thing would be a moot point.
>     Essentially, this is trying to add features to Twitter without
>     waiting for their development team.
>     Interoperability is not an issue, since in modern computers
>     copying and pasting styled text between apps works just fine.
> Yep, that's what this is: trying to add features to some platforms 
> that could very simply be added by the  respective developers while in 
> the process causing a normalization issue (of sorts) everywhere else.
> A./

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