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Andrew West via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue Feb 5 10:01:41 CST 2019

On Tue, 5 Feb 2019 at 15:34, wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com via Unicode
<unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
> italic version of a glyph in plain text, including a suggestion of to
> which characters it could apply, would test whether such a proposal
> would be accepted to go into the Document Register for the Unicode
> Technical Committee to consider or just be deemed out of scope and
> rejected and not considered by the Unicode Technical Committee.

Just reminding you that "The initial character in a variation sequence
is never a nonspacing combining mark (gc=Mn) or a canonical
decomposable character" (The Unicode Standard 11.0 §23.4). This means
that a variation sequence cannot be defined for any precomposed
letters and diacritics, so for example you could not italicize the
word "fête" by simply adding VS14 after each letter because "ê" (in
NFC form) cannot act as the base for a variation sequence. You would
have to first convert any text to be italicized to NFD, then apply
VS14 to each non-combining character. This alone would make a VS
solution unacceptable in my opinion.


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