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Tue Feb 5 04:03:49 CST 2019

James Kass wrote:

> William’s suggestion of floating a proposal for handling italics with 
> VS14 might be an example of the old saying about “putting the cart 
> before the horse”.

Well, a proposal just about using VS14 to indicate a request for an 
italic version of a glyph in plain text, including a suggestion of to 
which characters it could apply, would test whether such a proposal 
would be accepted to go into the Document Register for the Unicode 
Technical Committee to consider or just be deemed out of scope and 
rejected and not considered by the Unicode Technical Committee.

If the proposal were allowed to become included in the Document Register 
of the Unicode Technical Committee then if other people wish to submit 
comments and other proposals then that would be possible as it would 
have become established that such a topic is deemed acceptable for 
placing into the Document Register of the Unicode Technical Committee.

William Overington
Tuesday 5 February 2019

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