Encoding italic

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue Feb 5 04:23:55 CST 2019

William Overington wrote,

 > Well, a proposal just about using VS14 to indicate a request for an
 > italic version of a glyph in plain text, including a suggestion of to
 > which characters it could apply, would test whether such a proposal
 > would be accepted to go into the Document Register for the Unicode
 > Technical Committee to consider or just be deemed out of scope and
 > rejected and not considered by the Unicode Technical Committee.

As long as “italics in plain-text” is considered out-of-scope by 
Unicode, any proposal for handling italics in plain-text would probably 
be considered out-of-scope, as well.  But I could be wrong and wouldn’t 
mind seeing a proposal.

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