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Fri Dec 27 04:34:39 CST 2019

I searched on YouTube for

Gutenberg Mainz

and filtered for

This week

and I found 12 videos uploaded 3 days ago about a symposium called 
Alphabetica 2019.

Apparently held in Amsterdam.

It seems that the videos were listed for that search as the notes 

"Presented in collaboration with the Institut Designlabor Gutenberg 
(Hochshule Mainz),"  … [and several other organizations]

so  both the words Gutenberg and Mainz were matched to the search.

So, a serendipitous discovery.

There is an interesting section in one video about Bliss and a new 
interesting development relating to the (possible) encoding of Bliss 
characters into Unicode.

Here are links to two videos of continuous walks through Mainz: each of 
them includes the Statue of Gutenberg and the outside of the Gutenberg 
Museum yet are otherwise almost non-overlapping in their routes.

William Overington

Frisday 27 December 2019

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