Unihan kJapaneseKun Error Report [Follow-up: Fixed wrong URL]

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Mon Aug 12 13:48:53 CDT 2019

Follow-up: [Fixed wrong URL]

I have uploaded on the dedicated GitHub repository <https://github.com/tonton-pixel/Unihan-Japanese-Kun-Error-Report> a draft version of a document called "Unihan kJapaneseKun Error Report" available both in Markdown and HTML format, which is a list of corrections of issues found in the kJapaneseKun field of the Unihan_Readings.txt data file, and that I intend to submit to the UTC around next month. There are some issues that I flagged with question marks when I'm not sure whether the correction is appropriate or not, and also I may have missed some issues since there are *11291* Unihan characters having a kJapaneseKun tag property. If you wish to help, or provide criticisms, comments or suggestions, please feel free to chime in, either by opening an issue <https://github.com/tonton-pixel/Unihan-Japanese-Kun-Error-Report/issues> on the GitHub repository, or replying to this mailing list.

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	--Michel MARIANI
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