=?UTF-8?Q?Is_ARMENIAN_ABBREVIATION_MARK_(=D5=9F, _U+055F)_misclassified=3F?=

Fredrick Brennan via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Apr 25 09:09:20 CDT 2019

Although my research on this has by no means been exhaustive, it seems at a cursory glance that the «pativ», the Armenian abbreviation mark, is misclassified; it seems it should either be itself a combining mark or have a combining mark version.

I have not been able to find a single Unicode font which treats it as such, however.

Is Wikipedia, then, correct to say «The pativ was used as an Armenian abbreviation mark, and was placed on top of an abbreviated word to indicate that it was abbreviated.»? The image included was built with a LaTeX hack according to its description to get it to build "properly".

How should fonts treat this? Should I file a bug in Noto Sans Armenian, and other open source fonts which include U+055F? Or is Unicode right, and Wikipedia wrong? (If so, someone should fix that.)

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