Shortcuts question

Marcel Schneider via Unicode unicode at
Sun Sep 16 07:08:55 CDT 2018

On 15/09/18 15:36, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> So yes all control keys are potentially localisable to work best with the base layout anre remaining mnemonic;
> but the physical key position may be very different.

An additional level of complexity is induced by ergonomics. so that most non-Latin layouts may wish to stick 
with QWERTY, and even ergonomic layouts in the footprints of August Dvorak rather than Shai Coleman are 
likely to offer variants with legacy Virtual Key mapping instead of staying in congruency with graphics optimized 
for text input. But again that is easier on Windows, where VKs are remapped separately, than on Linux that 
appears to use graphics throughout to process application shortcuts, and only modifiers can be "preserved" for
further processing, no underlying letter map that AFAIU appears not to exist on Linux.

However, about keyboarding, that may be technically too detailed for this List, so that I’ll step out of this thread 
here. Please follow up in parallel thread on CLDR-users instead.



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