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> > Hello. This may be slightly OT for this list but I'm asking it here as
> it concerns computer usage with multiple scripts and i18n:
> It actually belongs on CLDR-users list. But coming from you, it shall
> remain here while I’m posting a quick answer below.
> > 1) Are shortcuts like Ctrl+C changed as per locale? I mean Ctrl+T for
> "tout" io Ctrl+A for "all"?
> No, Ctrl+A remains Ctrl+A on a French keyboard.

Yes but the location on the keyboard maps to the same as CTRL+Q on a Qwerty
layout: CTRL+ASCII letter are mapped according to the layout of the letter
(without pressing CTRL) on the localized keyboard. Some keyboard layouts
don't have all the basic Latin letters becaues their language don't need it
(e.g. it may only have one of Q or K, but no C, or it may have no W, or
some letters may be holding combined diacritics or could be ligatures, but
usuall the basic Latin letter is still accessible by pressing another
control key or by switching the layout mode.

On non Latin keyboard layouts there's much more freedom, and CTRL+A may be
localized according to the main base letter assigned to the key (the
position of Latin letter is not always visible).

On tactile layouts you cannot guess where CTRL+Latin letter is located,
actually it may be accessible very differently on a separate layout for
controls, where they will be translated: the CTRL key is not necessarily
present, replaced usually by a single key for input mode selection (which
may be switching languages, or to emojis, or to

The problematic control keys are those like "CTRL+[" (assuming ASCII as the
base layout) where "[" is not present or mapped very differently. As well
"CTRL+1"..."CTRL+0" may conflict with the assignment of ASCII controls like

So yes all control keys are potentially localisable to work best with the
base layout anre remaining mnemonic; but the physical key position may be
very different.
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