The encoding of the Welsh flag

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Thu Nov 22 13:29:29 CST 2018

Christoph Päper wrote:

>> We have gotten requests for this, but the stumbling block is the lack
>> of an official N. Ireland document describing what the official flag
>> is and should look like.
> Such documents are lacking for several of the RIS flag emojis as well,
> though, e.g. for ���� from ISO 3166-1 code `UM` (United States 
> Outlying
> Islands), resulting in unknown or duplicate flags, hence confusion.
> The solution there would have been to exclude codes for dependent
> territories becoming RGI emojis. ISO 3166 provides that property.

That's neither the problem nor the solution, IMHO. Even for RIS 
sequences, you have no guarantee of exactly how the flag will be 
depicted. For flags that have been recently changed, you might get the 
old or the new. For UM, you might get the US flag or one of the 
unofficially adopted flags. For Northern Ireland (if it were 
RGI-blessed), you might get either the Ulster Banner or St. Patrick's 

This situation is described, and explicitly so for the UM flags, in 
Annex B of UTS #51 under "Caveats."

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