The encoding of the Welsh flag

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Thu Nov 22 13:18:48 CST 2018

Ken Whistler replied to Michael Everson:

>> What really annoys me about this is that there is no flag for
>> Northern Ireland. The folks at CLDR did not think to ask either the
>> UK or the Irish representatives to SC2 about this.


> If you or Andrew West or anyone else is interested in pursuing an
> emoji tag sequence for an emoji flag for Northern Ireland, then that
> should be done by submitting a proposal, with justification, to the
> Emoji Subcommittee, which *does* have jurisdiction.

There is, of course, an encoding for the flag of Northern Ireland:

1F3F4 E0067 E0062 E006E E0069 E0072 E007F

where the tag characters are "gbnir" followed by TAG CANCEL.

What I suspect Michael means is that this sequence is not RGI, or 
"recommended for general interchange," a status which applies for flag 
emoji only to England, Scotland, and Wales, and not to any of the 
thousands of other subdivisions worldwide.

The terminology currently in UTS #51 is definitely an improvement over 
early drafts, which explicitly labeled such sequences "not recommended," 
but it still leads practically everyone. evidently including Michael, to 
believe the sequences are invalid or non-existent.

I would certainly like to use the flag of Colorado, whose visual 
appearance is very much standardized, but the vicious circle of vendor 
support and UTS #51 categorization means no system will offer glyph 
support, and some systems may even reject it as invalid.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, US |

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