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On 11/11/18 1:03 AM, Beth Myre via Unicode wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> This is a really cool find, and it's interesting that you might have a 
> relative mentioned in it.  After looking at it more, I'm more 
> convinced that it's German written in Hebrew letters, not Yiddish.  I 
> think that explains the umlauts. Since the text is about Jewish 
> subjects, it also includes Hebrew words like you mentioned, just like 
> we would include /beit din/ or /p'sak/ in an English text.

Again, I'm not so sure there's really a difference.  Yiddish *IS* 
Judeo-German.  That's what it's called.  Do you prefer to think of it as 
German?  OK with me, but it's more a matter of taste than fact.

> Here's a paragraph from page 22:
> Paragraph.jpg
> I (re-)transliterated it, and it reads:
> Wir sind uns dessen bewusst, dass von Seite der Gegenpartei weder 
> Reue(?), noch Einsicht zu erwarten ist und dass sie die Konsequenzen 
> dieser rabbinischen Gutachten von sich abschüttelen werden mit der 
> Motivierung, dass:
Are you sure you're not embellishing a bit?  I note you have ü, and yet 
the text clearly says "abshitellen".  The ü sound did not survive into 
later Yiddish, usually becoming "i", and the ä sound apparently didn't 
either... but is still there at this particular time and place.

> I only know a little Yiddish (one semester a long time ago), but I 
> think Yiddish word order would be very different.  Also, 'we are' 
> would be 'mir zaynen' instead of 'wir sind,' 'and' would be 'un' 
> instead of 'und,' etc.
Yiddish "and" is now spelled "un" (alef-vav-finalnun), but I have seen 
it spelled alef-vav-nun-geresh, indicating the elision of the final -d 
in older texts.  It would not surprise me at all if some dialects 
preserved the -d, in spelling anyway, longer than others.  "Mir zaynen" 
is definitely "normal" Yiddish so far as I know... but how far do I know?

What is this argument over anyway?  "You claim that this animal is a 
mutt, but I tell you it is clearly a dog of mixed breed!"

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