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Sun Nov 11 18:12:27 CST 2018

On 11/11/18 3:32 PM, Hans Åberg via Unicode wrote:
> Taking a picture in the Google Translate app, and then pasting the Hebrew character string it identifies into for Yiddish gives the text:
>> Wir sind uns dessen bewusst, dass von Seite der Gegenpartei weder Reue(?), noch Einsicht zu erwarten ist und dass sie die Konsequenzen dieser rabbinischen Gutachten von sich abschüttelen werden mit der Motivierung, dass:
> vir zind auns dessen bevaust dass fon zeyte der ge- gefarthey veder reye , nakh eynzikht tsu ervarten izt aund dast zya dya kansekventsen dyezer rabbinishen gutakhten fon zikh abshittelen verden mit der motivirung ,  dass :

Yeah, you have to be careful of auto-transliterating, if that's what 
you're using for this transliteration.  The third word is definitely not 
"auns"; the alef at the beginning is a "shtumer-alef", a *silent* letter 
used in Yiddish a little like a mater lectionis, now that I think about 
it: it's a nominal (but void) consonant used as a place-holder to hold 
the vowel  (Hebrew allows words to start with a vocalic vav, only when 
it's used as a conjunction, but Yiddish does not, generally.  Nor a 
vocalic yod or double-yod or vav-yod diphthong.)  Interesting that you 
have "*zya dya" there (those are silent as well; the words are just "zi 
di"); it looks like elsewhere in the document they spell it with a more 
precise transliteration, strictly using AYIN for "e", not ALEF as here.


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