Re: Uppercase ß

Hans Åberg via Unicode unicode at
Tue May 29 05:39:41 CDT 2018

> On 29 May 2018, at 11:17, Werner LEMBERG <wl at> wrote:
>> When looking for the lowercase ß LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S U+00DF
>> in a MacOS Character Viewer, it does not give the uppercase version,
>> for some reason.
> Yes, and it will stay so, AFAIK.  The uppercase variant of `ß' is
> `SS'.  `ẞ' is to be used mainly for names that contain `ß', and which
> must be printed uppercase, for example in passports.  Here the
> distinction is important, cf.
>  Strauß vs. Strauss  →  STRAUẞ vs. STRAUSS
> Since uppercasing is not common in typesetting German text (in
> particular headers), the need to make a distinction between words like
> `Masse' (mass) and `Maße' (dimensions) if written uppercase is rarely
> necessary because it can usually deduced by context.

If uppercasing is not common, one would think that setting it too ẞ would pose no problems, no that it is available.

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