The Unicode Standard and ISO

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ISO character encoding standards are primarily focused on identifying a repertoire of character elements and their code point assignments in some encoding form. ISO developed other, legacy character-encoding standards in the past, but has not done so for over 20 years. All of those legacy standards can be mapped as a bijection to ISO 10646; in regard to character repertoires, they are all proper subsets of ISO 10646. 

Hence, from an ISO perspective, ISO 10646 is the only standard for which on-going synchronization with Unicode is needed or relevant.


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There are several mentions of synchronization with related standards in, e.g. in, and However, all such mentions never mention anything other than ISO 10646.

I was wondering which ISO standards other than ISO 10646 specify the same things as the Unicode Standard, and of those, which ones are actively kept in sync. This would be of importance for standardization of Unicode facilities in the C++ language (ISO 14882), as reference to ISO standards is generally preferred in ISO standards.


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