A sketch with the best-known Swiss tongue twister

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2018-03-10 12:26 GMT+01:00 philip chastney <philip_chastney at yahoo.com>:

> -- when I lived that way, the French-speaking population of Nancy referred
> to the language of their German-speaking compatriots as "platt deutsch"
> (the way they used the term, it did not extend any further east than Alsace)

Note that  this is what you heard in Lorraine, and there's some competition
between Lorraine and Alsace. If you lived in Alsace they absolutely don't
like to have their language named "German" or "Deutsch" or "platt Deutsch",
this is "alsacien" for them and nothing else even if people in Lorraine
(that use other regional oil languages, not based on the Germanic substrate
but on Romance substrate) refer to Alsatians as "platt deutsch" with even
more confusion as it actually mean "low German" and confusing with "nds"
spoken much further to the North (North-western Germany and Netherlands)
and not at all in France, not even in the Nord department (where Flemish,
i.e. a local variant of Dutch="nl-FR" is spoken by a small aging minority
around Dunkerque and nearly extinct now everywhere in the French Flanders
and extinct now in Lille, replaced since long by the popular Lillois
variant of Picard locally named "ch'timi").
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