Translating the standard (was: Re: Fonts and font sizes used in the Unicode)

Marcel Schneider via Unicode unicode at
Thu Mar 8 12:05:06 CST 2018

On Thu, 08 Mar 2018 04:25:53 -0500, Elsebeth Flarup via Unicode wrote:
> For a number of reasons I think translating the standard is a really bad idea.
> There are other reasons to not do this.

I assume that the reasons you are thinking of, are congruent with those that 
Ken already explained in detail in:

And I think with Ken that the idea in itself isnʼt bad as such, but that it is not 
feasible any longer. Everybody (supposedly) knows that the Core Spec has 
really been translated, published in a print edition, scanned into Google Books,
and is still for sale:

OK, the version number was only half the actual one.

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