Unicode Emoji 11.0 characters now ready for adoption!

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Wed Mar 7 20:13:36 CST 2018

Dear Phillip

On 08.03.2018 05:12, Philippe Verdy via Unicode wrote:
> So most of the growth in Han characters is caused by people inventing
> and registering new sinograms for their own names, using the basic
> principles of combining a phonogram and a distinctive semantic
> character.

This is not correct. It is certainly not correct for CJK characrters 
added to Unicode, and to the best of my knowledge it one just makes up a 
new character for one's name it is now no longer possible to legally 
register it anywhere that uses Chinese characters. Take Extension F, 
over seven thousand characters of which nearly three thousand Japanese 
characters in Budhist texts, over one thousand Zhuang characters, naerly 
two thousand characters used in Korean historical texts.


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