Fonts and font sizes used in the Unicode

William_J_G Overington via Unicode unicode at
Sun Mar 4 12:52:26 CST 2018

Helena Milton asks:

> Greetings. Is there a way to know which font and font size have been used in the Unicode charts (for various writing systems)? Many thanks!

Yes, download the PDF (Portable Document Format) code chart document to local storage.

Open the file in Adobe Reader.

Right click on the page.

On the panel that is displayed, click on Document Properties... and then on the panel that is then displayed, choose the Fonts tab.

The list of fonts used in the document is then displayed.

Copying a character from the PDF document and pasting it into WordPad may well give the point size of the font that is being used, even if the character glyph is not displayed and what is displayed is just a box with a question mark in it or other some other design of the .notdef glyph from whatever font is being used in WordPad.



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