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I cannot but fully agree with Mark and Michael.


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On 7 Jun 2018, at 14:20, Mark Davis ☕️ via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
> A few facts. 
>> > ... Consortium refused till now to synchronize UCA and ISO/IEC 14651.
> ISO/IEC 14651 and Unicode have longstanding cooperation. Ken Whistler could speak to the synchronization level in more detail, but the above statement is inaccurate.

Mark is right. 

>> > ... For another part it [sync with ISO/IEC 15897] failed because the Consortium refused to cooperate, despite of repeated proposals for a merger of both instances.
> I recall no serious proposals for that. 

Nor do I.

> (And in any event — very unlike the synchrony with 10646 and 14651 — ISO 15897 brought no value to the table. Certainly nothing to outweigh the considerable costs of maintaining synchrony. Completely inadequate structure for modern system requirement, no particular industry support, and scant content: see Wikipedia for "The registry has not been updated since December 2001”.)

Mark is right.

Michael Everson

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