L2-11/059 and L2/13‐153 (was: Variation Sequences (and L2-11/059))

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> To the best of my knowledge, the only attempt to introduce additional
> variation sequences was the strongly criticised Karl Pentzlin's proposal
> L2-11/059
> http://www.unicode.org/L2/L2011/11059-latin-cyr-var.pdf
> What has happen to it? I don't remember any information about it on the
> list.

Anybody willing to share his knowledge on this topic?

Looking for something else I found


Proposal to Use Standardized Variation Sequences to Encode Church
Slavonic Glyph Variants in Unicode

I don't remember the proposal being discussed on the list and I was
unable to find any trace of a discussion in the list archives. Is my memory

I found also

Expert Feedback on Cyrillic proposals...

containing interesting comments on VS by David Birnbaum.

I understand L2/13‐153 and L2/13-153 has been rejected, but I would be
happy to have more information about it.

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