Unicode 11 Georgian uppercase vs. fonts

Kent Karlsson via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jul 28 12:01:03 CDT 2018

I know it is too late now, but... Could have added the characters,
without adding the case mappings. Just as it was done for the LATIN
CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S (ẞ), where the proper case mapping was relegated
to "special purpose software" (or just a special setting in common
software). The (proper) case-mapping for ẞ is nowhere to be found the
Unicode database (which I think is a pity, but that is a different matter).

I think "specialcasing.txt" is not really maintained anymore, but I'll
disregard that here.

One could add a special-casing for each modern Georgian lowercase letter
to (continue to) uppercase-map to itself (for the Georgian language at

/Kent K

Den 2018-07-28 15:26, skrev "Michael Everson via Unicode"
<unicode at unicode.org>:

> Mtavruli could not be represented in the UCS before we added these characters.
> Now it can. 
> Michael Everson
>> On 28 Jul 2018, at 14:10, Richard Wordingham via Unicode
>> <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, 28 Jul 2018 01:45:53 +0000
>> Peter Constable via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
>>> (iii) gave
>>> indication of intent to develop a plan of action for preparing their
>>> institutions for this change as well as communicating that within
>>> Georgian industry and society. It was only after that did UTC feel it
>>> was viable to proceed with encoding Mtavruli characters.
>> It is dangerous to rely on declarations of intent when making
>> irreversible decisions.  The UTC should have learnt that from the
>> Mongolian mess.
>> Richard.

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