Keyboard layouts and CLDR

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Tue Jan 30 12:34:40 CST 2018

Marcel Schneider wrote:

> That tends to prove that Mac users accept changes, while Windows users
> refuse changes.

I was going to say that was a gross over-generalization, but that didn't
adequately express how gross it was. It's just plain wrong. Pardon my

How about: Windows is often used in the workplace, where users may not
have the freedom or motivation to make their own changes and be
different from other users, while Macs are often used by individuals who
do. That's an over-generalization too, but not quite at the level of
"Windows users refuse changes."

Alastair Houghton replied:

> I think, rather, that Apple is (or has been) prepared to make radical
> changes, even at the expense of backwards compatibility and even where
> it knows there will be short term pain from users complaining about
> them, where Microsoft is more conservative.

That too. Good point.

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