Keyboard layouts and CLDR (was: Re: 0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?)

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> Mark Davis wrote:
> One addition: with the expansion of keyboards in
>> we are looking to expand the repository to not merely represent those,
>> but to also serve as a resource that vendors can draw on.
> Would you say, then, that Marcel's statements:
> "Now that CLDR is sorting out how to improve keyboard layouts, hopefully
> something falls off to replace the *legacy* US-Intl."

> and:
> "We can only hope that now, CLDR is thoroughly re-engineering the way
> international or otherwise extended keyboards are mapped."
> reflect the situation accurately?
> Nothing in the PRI #367 blog post or background document communicated to
> me that CLDR was going to try to influence vendors to retire these keyboard
> layouts and replace them with those. I thought it was just about providing
> a richer CLDR format and syntax to better "support keyboard layouts from
> all major providers." Please point me to the part I missed.

Your message didn't quote
​the part about «replace the *legacy* US-Intl."»

The PRI blog post is talking about the technical changes, not process. The
goal there is to be able to represent keyboard structures and data in a
"lingua franca", and to expand the features needed to cover more languages
and more vendor requirements. Of course, more extensions will be needed in
the future, as well.

As far as process goes, we foresee (a) continuing to reflect what is being
used in practice, and (b) extending to a repository for keyboards for
languages that are not represented by current vendors. That is to enable
vendors to easily add keyboards for support of additional languages, if
they want.

It is not a goal to get "vendors to retire these keyboard layouts and
replace them" — that's not our role. (And I'm sure that a lot of people
like and would continue to use the Windows Intl keyboard.)

It's more about making it easier to have more choice available for users:
more languages, and more choice of layouts within a language that meet
people's needs.

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