Emoji for major planets at least?

Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Jan 19 08:16:05 CST 2018

Asmus Freytag:
> Saturn, with its rings (even though it's no longer the only one known 
> with rings) also is iconic and highly recognizable. I lack imagination 
> as to when someone would want to use it in communication, but I have the 
> same issue with quite a few recent emoji, some of which are far less 
> iconic or recognizable. I think it does lend itself to describe a 
> "non-earth" type planet, or even the generic idea of a planet (as 
> opposed to a star/sun).

For what it's worth, the Sky Web logo was a planet with a ring or orbit and it was included in the J-Phone, later Vodafone then SoftBank, emoji set at position F-75 (next to the paperplane for their Skywalker service). As a proprietary logo, it was not included in the final proposal emerging from the emoji4unicode project, but it was documented as e-E78, EMOJI COMPATIBILITY SYMBOL-58. 


The image was animated where possible.

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