IDC's versus Egyptian format controls

Martin J. Dürst via Unicode unicode at
Thu Feb 22 01:01:33 CST 2018

On 2018/02/17 08:25, James Kass via Unicode wrote:

> Some people studying Han characters use the IDCs to illustrate the
> ideographs and their components for various purposes.

Well, as far as I understand, this was their original (and is still 
their main) purpose.

> For example:
> U-0002A8B8 �� ⿰土土
> U-0002A8B9 �� ⿰土凡
> U-0002A8BA �� ⿱夂土
> U-0002A8BB �� ⿰土亡
> U-0002A8BC �� ⿰土无
> U-0002A8BD �� ⿰土冇
> U-0002A8BE �� ⿰土攴
> U-0002A8BF �� ⿰土月
> U-0002A8C0 �� ⿰土化
> U-0002A8C1 �� ⿰土丰

Is it only me or did you get some of this data wrong?

For me, it looks definitely like
U-0002A8BC �� ⿰土化
rather than U-0002A8BC �� ⿰土无,
and U-0002A8BF �� ⿰土水
rather than U-0002A8BF �� ⿰土月,
and changes seem to be needed for all the others, too. (The descriptions 
seem to be four lines later than the characters where they actually belong.)

> It would be probably be disconcerting if the display of those
> sequences changed into their respective characters overnight.

Yes indeed.

Regards,   Martin.

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