Coloured Characters (was: 0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?)

Richard Wordingham via Unicode unicode at
Wed Feb 21 13:54:31 CST 2018

On Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:28:14 +0100
Philippe Verdy via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:

> I even hope that there will be a setting in all browsers, OS'es,
> mobiles, and apps to refuse any colorful rendering, and just render
> them as monochromatic symbols. In summary, COMPLETETY DISABLE the
> colorful extensions of OpenType made for them.

But hieroglyphs look so much better in colour!  What's more, they were
meant to be read in colour.  If you want monochrome, you should make do
with hieratic!

On a more practical level, I've made a font that colours subscript coda
consonants differently to subscript onset consonants for the purpose of
proof-reading Northern Thai text.  It was a pleasant surprise to see
colour-coded suggested spelling corrections when I used it on Firefox.
I had installed the spell-checker for LibreOffice, which currently
lacks the colour capability, but Firefox helped itself to it.

So you may not like emoji, but the colour extensions have perfectly
good uses.


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