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The Unicode website has a section for feedback in its menu, but in separate
projects for TUS and for CLDR.
There are also feedbacks requested for every proposed amendment to the
standard, annexes, and data. First search the relevant topic on the
website, then look at the side bar if there's no specific feedback link on
the main page content.
Feedback or proposals are submitted within an online form, and will then be
forwarded by email to interested subcommities and possible subscribers.
For data submission to CLDR, this is done by the survey tool, when it is
For reference implementations, that have an opensourced repository,
feedback is submitted via the links given in the repository itself.

Basically, you need to look for the most relevant topic, and then use the
appropriate link so that this can be sorted and sent to the correct people.
There's also a feedback for questions related to Unicode memberships, or
for legal requests.

There's also a general feedback link, but don't expect an emergency
response, it may take time to reach the right people to get an answer, and
unsorted/unqualified feedbacks take time to be classified and extracted
from the fog of incoming spams or non-relevant submissions.

If you don't know where to post, this mailing list can guide you, but this
is not the place to submit a formal request, and various people (including
me) may reply to you, and any reply you would receive from this list is not
endorsed ofciially by Unicode, this is more a "community" list used to
interconnect interested people and discuss about how to improve the
proposals, or being guided before submitting a qualified formal request, or
ask for peer review before submitting it.

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> Where can I post suggestions and feedback for Unicode?
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