0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?

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The Turkish dull-I letter for the sound /ɨ ~ ɯ ~ ɤ/ DOESN’T HAVE A DOT ATOP
IT!!!!  It’s simply written as <I ı>, while the normal I letter for the
sound /ɩ ~ i:/ DOES HAVE A DOT ATOP THAT—and is written as <İ i>.

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 1:10 AM, Robert Wheelock <rwhlk142 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The whole *ASCII apostrophe* thing for Qazaqi (Kazakh) could be avoided
> by using a Turkish-based orthography; this way, /h/ can still be
> distinguished from /x/, /u/ from /w/, ... !
> ·<Ä Ö Ü> for front rounded vowels /æ ø y/
> ·<Ş J> for laminal fricatives /ʃ ʒ/, and <Ç C> for laminal affricates  /tʃ
> dʒ/
> ·<X> for /x ~ ꭓ/, and <Ğ> for its voiced counterpart /ɣ ~ ʁ/
> ·The Turkish dull-I letter <İ ı> for the phoneme /ɨ ~ ɯ ~ ɤ/
> ·<Ṅ> for the *eng* sound /ŋ/
> ... .
> So, a Turkish-based ASDF keyboard layout would do fine for typing in
> Qazaqi using our Latin/Roman alphabet.
> On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:31 PM, Philippe Verdy via Unicode <
> unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
>> Sorry, but such English subtle interpretations are not in my mind, don't
>> suppose everyone uses the second degree everytime something is posted here,
>> these are just unneeded diversions causing trouble, it does not make the
>> thread clear to follow.
>> 2018-02-21 5:15 GMT+01:00 James Kass <jameskasskrv at gmail.com>:
>>> Philippe, it was a jest.  (Good one, too!)
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