Why so much emoji nonsense?

Marcel Schneider via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Feb 17 12:36:08 CST 2018

On 17/02/18 13:43, Christoph Päper via Unicode wrote:
> Stuff like typography or emoji can improve the effectiveness and efficiency
> of textual communication a lot. (And if used badly or maliciously they can
> deter it as well.)

Since poor typography can deteriorate our communication as well, what people 
need is also a keyboard layout that can be left on all the time while giving access 
to what we need, in a straightforward manner. Here weʼll get the letter apostrophe, 
curly quotes, along with acute accent, tilde, diaeresis/umlaut in the Base shift state:


As already mailed to CLDR-Users, feedback is always welcome.




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