Why so much emoji nonsense?

Asmus Freytag via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Feb 16 02:06:17 CST 2018

> Words suffice.  We go by what people actually say rather than whatever
> they might have meant.  When we read text, we go by what's written.

That is a worthy opinion, but not one that is shared, either in principle
or in lived practice (esp. related to digital communication) by vast numbers
of people.

One of the strengths of Unicode has always been its willingness to deal with
actual use of writing and notational systems - sometimes after a bit of 
a delay.

In other words, Unicode is rarely prescriptive, unless positive 
interchange isn't
possible otherwise. And that reactiveness is a good thing, as much as the
result can look a bit "messy" at times and time and again refuses to fit a
nice&clean single conceptual framework.


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