+1 (was: Re: Why so much emoji nonsense?)

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Feb 15 23:24:58 CST 2018

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> If people don't know how to read and cannot reuse the content and
> transmit it, they become just consumers and in fact less and less
> productors or creators of contents. Just look at opinions under
> videos, most of them are just "thumbs up", "like", "+1", barely
> counted only, unqualifiable (there's not even a thumb down).

+1 is actually a convenient shorthand when all that needs to be said is 
"I agree" or "me too" (especially now that the latter has taken on a 
highly charged meaning in the U.S.). It is especially popular in the 
IETF. It is not intended for situations that require explanation or 

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