Why so much emoji nonsense?

Shriramana Sharma via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Wed Feb 14 07:25:50 CST 2018

>From a mail which I had sent to two other Unicode contributors just a
few days ago:

Frankly I agree that this whole emoji thing is a Pandora box. It
should have been restricted to emoticons to express facial or physical
gestures which are insufficiently representable by words. When it
starts representing objects like ���� then it becomes a problem as to
where to draw the line.

I mean I can see the argument for �� representing gratitude, but which
fruits are valid and which not... And which food items are valid and
which not, else you would get proposals for idli and dosa emojis as
well! (Those who don't know what those are see
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idli and

It seems to me that graphical items previously rejected as such are
now being encoded. I mean, if other things like bat ball etc then "why
not this one" cannot be refused, but the question is whether encoding
bat ball in the first place was keeping with the original intention or
spirit of Unicode.

Anyhow, what is done is done and the Pandora's box is now open and I
don't envy the ESC their job. I don't know, maybe sometimes they may
just feel like hitting "ESC" too!

Shriramana Sharma ஶ்ரீரமணஶர்மா श्रीरमणशर्मा ������������������������

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