Emacs Verbose Character Entry (was Private Use Areas)

Eli Zaretskii via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Aug 24 09:05:34 CDT 2018

> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 22:15:10 +0100
> From: Richard Wordingham via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2018 21:47:03 +0200
> "Janusz S. Bień via Unicode" <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
> > My needs are very simple, for example C-x 8 Return LATIN CAPITAL
> > LETTER A WITH MACRON AND BREVE [MUFI] should yield the character with
> > the code E010. I can provide the list of names and codes.
> While it should obviously yield, if anything, <U+0100, U+0306> or
> <U+0041, U+0304, U+0306> for 'LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH MACRON AND
> BREVE', it would probably be more important to recognise formal
> aliases, such as 'LAO LETTER LO' for the input of the Lao letter lo
> ling (U+0EA5 LAO LETTER LO LOOT), not to be be confused with the Lao
> letter lo lot (a.k.a. ro rot), U+0EA5 LETTER LO LING.
> For <U+0100, U+0306>, I prefer to type "A\_M_X", but then I learnt

The Emacs command "C-x 8 RET" expects the name of a single codepoint.
It should be possible to extend it (or perhaps provide a separate
command) that produced named sequence of codepoints, such as those in
the above examples, but there's no such feature as of now.  If this
would be a useful addition, please suggest that on the Emacs issue
tracker (using "M-x report-emacs-bug"), and please include with your
request the sources where we could find such named sequences to


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