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> I think PUA users should provide the
> properties of the characters used in a form analogical to the Unicode
> itself, and the software should be able to use this additional
> information.

I already provide this myself for my uses of the PUA as well as the CSUR
and any vendor-specific agreements I can find:

Of course there is no way to get software to use this information. I have
entertained the idea of being able to embed this information into the font
itself as OpenType tables, e.g.:

PUAB -> Blocks.txt
PUAC -> CaseFolding.txt
PUAW -> EastAsianWidth.txt
PUAL -> LineBreak.txt
PUAD -> UnicodeData.txt

I've actually invented table names for the majority of UCD files, but those
are probably the most relevant. The table names for the more obscure files
get rather... creative, e.g.:

PUA[ -> BidiBrackets.txt
PUA] -> BidiMirroring.txt

That alone may get some people to think twice about this idea. :P
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