Thoughts on working with the Emoji Subcommittee (was Re: Thoughts on Emoji Selection Process)

Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode unicode at
Mon Aug 20 18:55:27 CDT 2018

On 08/20/2018 10:30 AM, James Kass via Unicode wrote:
> As The Universal Character Set, it should be able to support the needs
> of all users.  And with the Private Use Areas, it does.

Here, I agree with you.  This kind of experimentation is exactly what 
the PUA is for, especially for these putative "universal pictographic 
systems" which will need space to hold the whole system, since the 
individual signs won't mean much unless you understand the system (which 
I know I said was an argument against encoding them at all, but that's 
the point of the PUA: see if you can get some traction, if people really 
DO find it useful, etc. Then you can make me eat my words.)  I think 
it's been suggested a few times.

Go forth into the PUA, and make it yours, then!


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