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Cultural Iconography
Another thing that is is worrisome is the proposed addition of a traditional Indian piece of clothing in 12.0. This is extremely specific to one culture, and I'm not sure if we want to open the gate for: "Which culture is included in Unicode and which is not?". Maybe we want that! Maybe we don't. But I think there should at least be a discussion about additions that carry such consequences.
I know that there are tons of Chinese symbols in there already, but even the selection-factors on the Unicode-website state, that just because there is a lot of stuff in there from former versions, should not be a basis of justification for future additions. For instance, the Tokyo Tower-Emoji does not justify the Eiffel Tower-Emoji. [link]<>

Unicode is an essential building block for software internationalisation. I consider including cultural icon emoji in Unicode to be an essential part of internationalisation. The more cultures that are included the better. Actually I think a specific aim of ESC could be, in the long term, to encompass all cultures. ESC could encourage cultural icon emoji submissions.

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