Thoughts on Emoji Selection Process

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Sat Aug 11 12:36:34 CDT 2018

> I think you don't understand the meaning of "semantic", "literally",
> or "the same". Which is a pity, because I'm all in sympathy with your
> general attitude to emoji and Unicode.

> I'm not just being pedantic - I can't even work out what you're
> attempting to say in this paragraph.
A softball is just a slightly bigger baseball. There is no other difference
between them. We now have two emoji that mean exactly the same thing: A
small ball made from cork or rubber, wrapped in leather with a stitched
seam, that is hit with a bat and caught with a glove. And if they had some
metaphorical meaning (which I don’t think they do), they would also both
represent the same concepts, because they are simply minute variations of
the same object.

Chipmunks and squirrels are clearly different species, but pretty much all
characteristics they have that would be relevant to the average emoji user
are identical. They are small, furry rodents living in forests that eat and
bury nuts. Any meaning you could assign to a pictograph of a chipmunk in a
textual conversation is also shared with squirrels and vice versa.
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