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Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at
Thu Apr 19 05:51:04 CDT 2018

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> The emoji subcommittee has also produced a new page which shows the 
> Emoji Requests <> 
> submitted so far. You can look at what other people have proposed or 
> suggested. In many cases, people have made suggestions, but have not 
> followed through with complete submission forms, or have submitted 
> forms, but not followed through on requested modifications to the forms.

This good news! However, imagine I discover that someone has already proposed the emoji that I am interested in, but their formal proposal needs some work: From the public data I can not see when this proposal has been received or whether it has been updated. Since I also cannot contact the author, either I have to hope they are still working on the proposal or I have to submit a separate proposal of my own, duplicating all the work.

Also, there seems to be no systematic reason for which proposals get shelved as "Added to larger set" while related ones (e.g. random animals) progress to the UTC. The ESC should not have this power of gatekeeping. If an emoji proposal is well-formed and fits the general scope it should be forwarded to UTC, hence be published in the L2 repository. Alternatively, the ESC should collect *all* proposals that semantically belong to a larger set (e.g. animals) in a composite document and forward this annually, for instance.

Some entries are also opaque or ambiguous, i.e. not helpful, e.g.:

    705	Six Chinese Styles	Added to larger set	Mixed
    706	Six Chinese-style Emoji	No proposal form	Other

Others are outdated, for instance because the larger set they have been added to has already been processed by UTC and they were declined. Some categories have only a single entry, others are clearly aliases of each other or subcategories. I would like to help clean up the data, e.g. by commenting on the Google Spreadsheet that is embedded on the Unicode page. How can I do that as an individual member?

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