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Thank you for your reply.
I am currently handling technical support to publish in multi-language.

This was found when we were handling a project on the Karabakh language.
I was informed that Karabakh has a dictionary containing over 40,000 words that was produced in 2013 which employs the three characters.
I personally have not seen this dictionary, but it seems that are ones that need these characters.
So I decided to make a post.

Kazunari Tsuboi

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They are not encoded, but that example is not sufficient. If you’d like to contact me offline we can discuss this further.

Michael Everson

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> Hi there,
> The Karabakh language uses Armenian characters, but the following 
> characters do not have a Unicode assigned. (image1.JPG attached) They 
> are pronounced “Yi”, “Ini” and “Eh” and used with several 
> combinations. (Image2.JPG attached)
> Is there any reason these characters are not supported by Unicode?
> I would appreciate any related information.
> Thank you!
> Kazunari Tsuboi
> <image1.jpg><image2.jpg>

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