Petition to ban Google from designing emoji

David Faulks via Unicode unicode at
Thu May 18 09:06:04 CDT 2017

And what makes you think Unicode has any authority to ‘ban’ Google from doing anything at all (hint: Unicode has zero ability to enforce anything).

On Thu, 5/18/17, zelpa via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:

 Subject: Petition to ban Google from designing emoji
 To: "Unicode Public" <unicode at>
 Received: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7:40 AM
 Is this some kind of joke? Have Google put ANY thought
 into their emoji design? First they bastardise the cute blob
 emoji, then they make their emoji gendered, now they've
 literally just copied Apple's emoji. It's sickening.
 Disgusting. I propose we hold a petition for the Unicode
 Consortium to ban Google from designing emoji in the future,
 and make them revert back to the Android 5 designs. Everyone
 in favour of this please leave a response, anybody not in
 favour please rethink your opinion.

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