Unicode Emoji 5.0 characters now final

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Thu Mar 30 04:59:21 CDT 2017

Charlotte Buff <irgendeinbenutzername at gmail.com>>
> Heck, if your device has a default font that includes CANCEL TAG (...) and
> therefore doesn’t render it,  
> then you won’t even be able to see the difference between a regular, generic
> black flag and an emoji that was meant to represent some region.  
> This could potentially lead to great misunderstandings since a plane black
> flag is often associated with anarchism and piracy,  
> but rather rarely with England, Scotland or Wales.  
> The waving white flag that was used as the base in earlier drafts at the very
> least had the benefit of looking like a “blank slate” of sorts.

White flags are associated with surrender (but also peace). That is at least as
bad as a black flag. The checkered flag U+1F3C1 �� could have been a compromise.
It is also readily associated with sports.

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