Unicode Emoji 5.0 characters now final

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Mar 27 16:50:54 CDT 2017

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> We still lack an encoding standard for vexillologists. And for now
> only "Flags of the World" proposes some encoding (not based strictly
> and only on ISO3166). I think that the UTC should try contacting
> authors of Flags of the World and seek for advice there: we are
> speaking here about regional flags (we can exclude some graphical
> variants such as civil vs. navy flags vs honorific flags)

As Philippe knows, because he and I had this discussion in 2012 and
again in 2013:

- I have already contacted FOTW.
- They have no such encoding, except 3166-1 for countries and the 2-by-3
  information code, and they have never proposed one.
- I think such a standard would be a great idea, but
- I don't think this is any of UTC's business and I'll bet they agree.
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