Encoding of old compatibility characters

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Apple IIs also had inverse-video letters, and some had "MouseText"
pseudographics used to simulate a Mac-like GUI in text mode.

I know that a couple of fonts from Kreative put these in the PUA and
Nishiki-Teki follows their lead.

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> > It’s hard to say without knowing what the characters are.
> For the ZX80, the missing characters include five block elements (top and
> bottom halfs of MEDIUM SHADE, as well as their inverse counterparts), and
> inverse/negative squared variants of European digits and the following
> symbols: " £ $ : ? ( ) - + * / = < > ; , .
> Negative squared digits may be unifiable with negative circled digits.
> ATASCII includes inverse variants of box drawing characters. I have to
> check whether some other pictographs are unifiable with existing characters.
> PETSCII includes some box drawings and vertical scan lines that are
> probably not unifiable.
> Atari ST includes two simple pictographs that were used as graphical UI
> elements. They look like a negative, low diagonal stroke and a negative
> diamond respectively. It also has six characters that together form logos
> which I wasn’t going to propose.
> TI calculators include a single character for a superscript minus 1. I
> don’t have a lot of information available about this set at the moment.
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