New tool unidump

Manish Goregaokar manish at
Fri Mar 17 18:43:04 CDT 2017

are excellent tools for this, as well, if you're in a situation where
you can copy into a web form.

This looks useful for commandline stuff, though, thanks!

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 1:44 PM, Manuel Strehl <boldewyn at> wrote:
> Hi,
> for my work on and Emojipedia I found myself repeatedly
> in a place, where I needed some tool like hexdump to inspect the content
> of a string. However, instead of raw bytes I am more interested in the
> code points that the string is composed of. So I wrote this tool.
> I reasoned, that it might come in handy for other people on this list.
> It is, conveniently, named unidump and can be installed via pip (pip3,
> that is, because it needs Python 3):
>     pip3 install unidump
> The source code is available on Github,
>, and the tool is MIT licensed. The
> README on Github also explains some other use cases, like counting code
> points in a file (as opposed to bytes) or using it as a replacement for
> strings(1).
> If you have any comment, feedback, bug report or other questions, I'm
> glad to answer any of those.
> Cheers and have a nice weekend,
> Manuel

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