Stokoe Notation (sign language)

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According to Wikipedia, that's what exactly the Stokoe notation is. quoted

The Stokoe notation is mostly restricted to linguists and academics. The
notation is arranged linearly on the page and can be written with a
typewriter that has the proper font installed. Unlike SignWriting
</wiki/SignWriting> or the Hamburg Notation System
</wiki/Hamburg_Notation_System>, it is based on the Latin alphabet
</wiki/Latin_alphabet> and is phonemic </wiki/Phoneme>, being restricted to
the symbols needed to meet the requirements of ASL (or extended to BSL,
etc.) rather than accommodating all possible signs. For example, there is a
single symbol for circling movement, regardless of whether the plane of the
movement is horizontal or vertical.

*Writing direction*

Stokoe notation is written horizontally left to right like the Latin
alphabet (plus limited vertical stacking of movement symbols, and some
diacritical marks written above or below other symbols). This contrasts
with SignWriting </wiki/SignWriting>, which is written vertically from top
to bottom (plus partially free two-dimensional placement of components
within the writing of a single sign).

2017年3月7日 10:05 於 "Philippe Verdy" <verdy_p at> 寫道:

> And probably the same question could be asked again for the few other sign
> languages notations (at least those listed in Wikipedia), but I wonder if
> some of them may just be variants/simplifications of SingWriting, but more
> usable in handwritten text, or not needing complax layouts for precise
> reproduction of gesture (in a way similar to alphabets for spoken languages
> that simplify a lot the actual phonetic representation, or even the
> phonemic one).
> It seems that those simplified alphabet-like notations are much easier to
> encode, than the long waited complex SignWriting notation. In addition they
> could already use existing font technics without complex development (and
> already some of them already have working fonts, usable on vaerious
> systems, so they should already become interoperable).
> 2017-03-06 23:48 GMT+01:00 Simon Cozens <simon at>:
>> Hello,
>>         A few years back, there was a set of questions to the UTC
>> (L2/12-133)
>> asking for direction on encoding Stokoe notation. Did these ever get an
>> answer, and is there anything currently happening with Stokoe encoding?
>> Simon
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