LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S officially recognized

Otto Stolz via Unicode unicode at
Mon Jul 3 11:31:06 CDT 2017


am 2017-07-03 um 18:16 Uhr habe ich geschrieben:
> This rule did hold for all consonants, there’s nothing
> particular about double-s.

On 2017-07-03 at 18:05 Jörg Knappen had written:
> the hyphenation oddity … never affected the letter s.

Jörg is right. I forgot the additional rule that you
had to spell “ß” instead of “ss” at the end of every
constituent of a compound word, so the rule I reported
would never be applied to “ss”. Also the “ss” → “ß”
rule has been dropped by the spelling reform of 1996.

Btw., the dropping of said ß rule has led to much
controversy during the ’90s. Most people were not
aware that that very rule had been introduced by the
pen-ultimate spelling reform, in 1901.

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